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Eazy Mozo



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“Ever since l got this toy, my cat's been way more active and seems happier. I was surprised to notice less dust around its play area too.

Honestly, it's a relief knowing my furball's entertained, especially when I'm not around. Plus, the cleaner air thing? Didn't expect it, but it's a nice bonus."

The joy of living with a feline friend, with its soft purrs and playful antics, paints a picture of deep connection and warmth. However, when there's not enough time and energy to be with them, they might feel lonely and become less active, not getting the attention and playtime they crave. This diminishes the overall satisfaction of cat ownership, sparking worries about potential weight gain or unusual behaviors.

 We are introducing CATYGO, an interactive cat toy designed for endless feline fun and wellness. With a combination of elements such as a feather teaser, a light chaser, and a rolling ball, it ensures continuous engagement, addressing the need for both mental stimulation and physical activity. Enjoy the delight of seeing a cheerful, energetic cat, playing independently, and immersed in joy, even on the busiest days.


TRIPLE PLAY: Equipped with a cat feather toy, automatic cat laser pointer, and rotating bail, CATYGO brings diverse entertainment. Revel in the joy as they engage in multifaceted play, stimulating their hunting, biting, and scratching instincts.

VARIABLE MODES: CATYGO offers 3 automatic rotation modes - slow, fast, random, and 2 small ball interactive modes. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing it shuts off after 30 minutes, ensuring feline energy is well-managed and maintaining playtime excitement.

ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: With a height-adjustable support rod and an angle-adjustable laser toy, CATYGO elevates play sessions with customizable heights, catering to cats of different sizes and enhancing the thrill of the chase.

ION PURIFICATION: CATYGO integrates a negative ion generator with a concentration of 800W/cm3. Experience a cleaner environment around the toy, reducing dust and airborne particles, which promotes healthier respiratory conditions for the feline.

DURABLE CHARGING: Powered by a 200mA lithium battery and USB capability. CATYGO promises longer play durations. Witness the convenience of longer-lasting fun without frequent charge breaks.

STURDY BUILD: With its solid ABS construction and stable non-slip base, CATYGO promises durability. Revel in the assurance of a toy that stands firm without toppling even during the most intense play sessions.

We understand the sinking feeling when a once lively cat begins to show signs of boredom. It can be tough to come home after a long day, looking for some feline cuddles, only to find your cat just idly gazing out the window or walking around with no purpose. According to the International Feline Behaviorists Association, over 60% of indoor cats show signs of low energy. Due to a lack of consistent play and interaction.

Thankfully, CATYGO is the perfect companion for every cat, ensuring their days are filled with excitement and activity. With three engaging toys and the added benefit of negative ion purification, it not only entertains but also ensures a cleaner play environment, enhancing the overall well-being of the cat. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that even in your absence, the cat is engaged, healthy, and in high spirits.


Material:ABS+Electronic components Product

size:9.8*10*14 CM

Rated charging voltage: DC5V.

Rated charging current: 1A.

Input voltage: DC5V/1A

Battery Parameters: 3.7V, 1200mAh



1x CATYGO Cat Toy

3x Bell Belt

1x USB Charging Cable

1x Telescopic Pole

1x Support Base Bracket

1x Instruction Manual



At CATYGO, we believe in the quality of our products therefore we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked! When you purchase from us, there is ZERO Risk for you!


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